About Our Events...

Fashions Shows and more!

From star-studded events to in-store private parties, we at the Coral Sash, are here to host your fabulous event! 


Having over 20 years of party planning experience, our team specializes in creating an environment that brings women, causes, friends, family, chić clothing together with a sprinkle of humor and a lot of LOVE.


Our team looks forward to these events and is specially trained to work with you and your guests to provide exceptional service and to meet all your event needs. 


Please call to book your event or email us at questions@coralsash.com


We look forward to making your event special with our Coral Sash experience

Our fabulous guests at our annual fashion show

Bingo Fashion Event

Our Bingo Event originally scheduled for March 26 has been postponed. Save your tickets!  We will schedule a new date as soon as possible.